Fetal therapy offers hope for unborn patients suffering from the rare genetic disease Hunter Syndrome

By Molly McCrea and Juliette Goodrich, CBS News Bay Area on January 23, 2024
Some parents-to-be have to face the terrifying news that their unborn child has been diagnosed with a life-threatening genetic disorder. But thanks to a medical team at a Bay Area hospital, there is amazing new hope in a fetal therapy that may spare their unborn child serious outcomes.   

New CRISPR Center Brings Hope for Rare and Deadly Genetic Diseases

By Jess Berthold on January 09, 2024
CRISPR collaboration combines expertise from three UC schools to scale treatment for diseases that industry has largely passed by – until now.

The Surgeon Set on Curing Genetic Diseases Before Birth

By Kirsten Weir, UCSF Magazine on October 27, 2023
Five-year-old Elianna loves running around with her big brother in their yard on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. She isn’t afraid to get dirty, is learning to ride a bike, and has her doting grandfather wrapped around her little finger. It’s a delightfully ordinary childhood – but one that almost...

Two Daughters, a Rare Blood Disorder and a Fairytale Cure

By Lorna Fernandes on October 25, 2023
With colorful headphones and eyes glued to her favorite Phineas and Ferb Disney movie on the family iPad, Ada reclined in her hospital bed tethered to a bag of medications and syringes of blood. She was in the middle of a gene therapy transplant – an infusion of her own blood cells that had been...

NIH Innovator Awards

October 09, 2023
The New Innovator Award is part of the NIH Common Fund's High-Risk, High-Reward Research program and supports exceptionally creative early career investigators proposing innovative, high-impact research.

Call for Proposals: Living Therapeutics Initiative

By UCSF Research Resource on February 23, 2023
The UCSF Living Therapeutics Initiative’s (LTI) mission is to support the vast scientific talent and clinical expertise at UCSF and help accelerate the development of promising cellular therapies from basic research to clinical evaluation for patients underserved by other treatment options. The...

CIRM: Investing in stem cell and gene therapy treatments for HIV

By Esteban Cortez on February 23, 2023
A recent article in Nature shared the news about a 53-year-old man in Germany who was declared free of HIV after receiving virus-resistant cells. 

USA TODAY: After a decade, CRISPR gene editing is a 'revolution in progress.' What does the future hold?

By Karen Weintraub on January 30, 2023
Medical innovations typically take 17 years from the time a lightbulb goes off in a scientist's head until the first person benefits. But every once in a while, an idea is so powerful and so profound its effects are felt much faster.

Five Blood Transfusions, One Bone Marrow Transplant — All Before Birth

By Denise Grady on January 11, 2023
SAN FRANCISCO — In the three months before she was even born, Elianna Constantino received five blood transfusions and a bone-marrow transplant. All were given with a needle passed through her mother’s abdomen and uterus, into the vein in her umbilical cord.

UCSF News: Infant Gene Therapy is a Breakthrough for Artemis-SCID Patients

By Jess Berthold on December 22, 2022
Ten young children born without functioning immune systems and lacking the ability to fight infections are on track for healthier lives thanks to a new gene therapy treatment pioneered at UC San Francisco, reports a Dec. 22 study in the New England Journal of Medicine.